Welcome and prepare to launch your life anew!

I want to direct you to three resources to help launch your life.  Consider these three topics:  Tragedy, Living versus Existing, and Your Future.  Everyone finds themselves in one of these categories.  How will you deal with your past, be aware in the present, and be ready for the future?  These resources will give you direction and help you find answers.

I was headed down a path of “success” and leading a life void of significance. While I had a knowledge and belief in God, I had no idea how to connect with Him.  I was not seeking Him first.  I was not spending any time with him.

God used The Ancient Path to change all that.  The book, and my discipler, taught me to do the things necessary, and as I did them, my life began to radically change.

My wife was the first to notice as I began to sacrificially and intentionally love her unconditionally and in new ways.  Shortly after my wife started taking notice, my father called my discipler in tears of gratitude after seeing the transformation in me that he’d been praying about for years.  Everyone began to notice a new peace, joy, and contentment in me that had been lacking before.  My life now had purpose and significance for the first time.

My relationship with God went from stale and non-existent to vibrant and passionate. I couldn’t wait to share this with others!  But discipling another is a daunting task when you don’t yet feel like an expert!  However, The Ancient Path (and it’s workbook) provide such a good starting place for discipleship.  I began to disciple other guys who were only a few steps behind me on their journey with the Lord, and I began seeing God’s same transforming work in them.

God doesn’t call the equipped, but he equips the called.  He transformed me through The Ancient Path, which combined with my discipler, constantly kept pointing me back to God and encouraging me to go deeper with Him and into his Word.  In the end, I was a new creation.  And I was equipped with the same tool to be the hands and feet of God to another.


The Ancient Path Changed My Life!