What Does The Future Hold In Store?




Would you like to know what tomorrow holds?  There are overarching themes that will play out in the future.  These themes are detailed in the Bible which explains how they will unfold.  You don’t have to live in the dark wondering what will happen.  You can learn what you need to know so you can be prepared for what the future has in store.  In Biblical Prophecy Unveiled, Prophecy Made Easy, Dr. Elmore explains these biblical themes and what the prophets had to say about them.

Here’s an excerpt:
Our God is not vindictive or capricious.  He is a God of love.  His judgments are levied, hoping men will turn from their sin and repent.  Also remember that God has the end in sight.  At the end of the tribulation, Jesus will defeat evil and establish His millennial kingdom on earth.  What every man’s heart throughout the ages has longed for will come when the Prince of Peace finally brings peace and justice to earth.  Despite what’s coming, Jesus assured us, “See that ye be not troubled” (Matthew 24:6).  God will be in control.  Although the world will be totally freaked out by what’s going on around them, we will get it.  We will recognize the signs Jesus predicted – the signs of His imminent return!